Are you a Senior Software Engineer?

This article takes the aspects discussed in Are you a tech lead? and tries to define what it means to be a senior Software Engineer.

Senior Software Engineer is someone with experience, a team player and takes ownership over their work.

Lets put each of those items under the microscope to understand them better.

Team Player


  • uses the language of “We”
  • does not put their colleagues down
  • is aware of a colleagues sensitivities
  • is a good listener
  • be open to when an opinion differs from theirs
  • uses the feedback received to better themselves


  • seeks feedback from team members
  • teaches the team a particular skill they own
  • is not afraid to speak up when it matters


  • provides constructive, truthful and helpful feedback to team members
  • helps the team to handle their tasks
  • shares knowledge about technologies and new findings
  • reviews the work of a team member to help them better themselves
  • is capable of not letting negativity hinder the team’s productivity
  • completes tasks in a way that will allow smooth and almost effortless transition to the follow up tasks

Takes Ownership

  • will do as they say they will and follow through when they give their word
  • ability to identify and resolve bottlenecks to help team work effectively and efficiently


  • has solid knowledge of principals and architectures
  • is continuously looking to improve themselves
  • has experience that can be shared
  • puts code quality first
  • is not afraid to explore uncharted territories
  • is a quick learner when it comes to team’s methodologies, procedures & technologies
  • ability to see the big picture and the part the team plays in it
  • can find balance between what’s best for the team and what’s best for the business

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