Detailing Car Interior

The COVID lockdown has given me a lot of time to ponder. I’ve always wondered the amount of work that goes into detailing a car. I normally have it detailed by a local professional but given all the free time, I took it upon myself to learn about the detailing world and in the process managed to detail my own car’s interior.

Just like any other research I would undertake, I started with soaking in knowledge from detailer’s around the world by watching countless hours of YouTube videos and reading tons of how to guides to create a summary that answers the following main questions:

  • Where do you start and what do you proceed to next?
  • How do you clean and protect different types of interior surfaces?
  • What products to use?

This is not a be all end all article, it’s something that worked for me. Please feel free to borrow this knowledge and apply it however you see fit for your vehicle. Continue reading “Detailing Car Interior”