Asynchronous state updates in React

This is a great article if you are interested in understanding the problem behind updating states asynchronously in React using setState and finding out how to do it properly. He also included a pen by Sophia Shoemaker that demos this problem and the solution.

Checkout Functional setState by Justice Mba.



ReactJS for .NET Developers

ReactJS for .NET Developers

If you are a .NET developer who has been pushed into the deep-end to learn React like yesterday, this article will be your lifebuoy. Using the concepts that you are already familiar with as a .NET developer, I will try to explain how React and Redux sit together and their full lifecycle. After reading this article, you will be able to follow what your fellow developers are talking about during the Daily Scrum Meeting and not feel left out.

This article is just like the lifebuoy, it is not going to swim you to shore but will keep you from drowning.

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