ASP.NET Core AppSettings & Azure

ASP.NET Core had its configuration system re-architected from being limited to reading from XML files to reading configuration settings from any key/value based settings files such as JSON, INI and XML.

In this article we will explore the minimum amount of work required to read these settings out in your ASP.NET Core application. This includes taking a look at how it behaves when deployed in Azure. Continue reading “ASP.NET Core AppSettings & Azure”


Create self-signed certificate to use with Azure PowerShell cmdlets

Create self-signed certificate to use with Azure PowerShell cmdlets

For those who are trying to figure out how to create a self-signed certificate for the purpose of running Powershell scripts to manage Azure account, check out Raph’s article on how to create certificate to use with Azure. Raph is a driven Readify consultant and a good mate, currently working with me at Barnardos on MyStory project.

If you are going to be running the Powershell script from any other machine than the one you created the cert from, you will need to install the certificate on those machines. To install it, you need to first export the cert as a pfx with a strong password and import it in the  machine that you want to run the script from.