Losing your leg and winning the lottery

A friend forwarded me an article about Is Having a Baby Really Worth It? Although this article was written in relation to making a decision about having babies, I believe Caroline‘s view on this article applies to life decisions in general.

Caroline reckons, making a decision about having a baby is like “losing your leg and winning the lottery”. But I believe in life every major decision you make is kinda like that.

Here are few examples of big decisions.

  • When you were small, going to school was fun, especially when you get to spend time with your friends and not be around nagging parents. But hey, homework and exams suck..
  • You are finally 18 and want to move out of the house. It gives your all the freedom you want.. but now you are out of your comfort zone and need to learn responsibility and about yourself.
  • Having girlfriend/boyfriend is fun to mess around but moving in together is not all that fun when you are again pushed out of your comfort zone, where you need to share your personal space with another person and that person knowing about your habits that you might not yet want them to know about.
  • Living together might be just fine but the decision to marry and sticking to the same partner for a long time.. might not be for everyone.

I think you always will have to make decisions that is gonna cost you something.. the question is how can you make it worth it?

You might have been in situations where you have had to make a big decision in your life. Try to think about some of those situations and see if this applies to you.

So in essence, are you prepared to lose your leg to win the lottery?


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