A quick review of what prams, push chairs, buggies and travel systems are and a list of some handy features you might be looking for in a travel system.


Prams (a.k.a. baby carriages) are the ones with bassinet facing the pusher, where baby is laid down. They are of more stable construction with 4 wheels and preferably each with suspension. They are used for the first 6-9 months or until the babies start to sit up.

Push Chairs

Push chairs (a.k.a. strollers) are the ones where where the baby can sit upright. Given it needs to accommodate baby movements, it comes with 5 point harness and a lot of padding. The push chair can either be facing the pusher or the street, ideally you want it both ways. They are used for about 3-4 years or until they start walking comfortably. They are of more stable construction with 3 or 4 wheels. From what I can gather in the forum discussions is that parents seem to prefer 3 wheels as it is easier to navigate.


A push chair that can be folded is called a Buggy (a.k.a. folding stroller). Given it needs to be folded, it is usually built using metal tubes and has fabric seats. It is not of a sturdy construction and does not have much padding but still has a 5 point harness. It is very lightweight about 6 Kg.

Travel System

The more practical one would be the new child travel system, which is a combination of all three types of carriers. A travel system is a 3 or 4 wheeled foldable stroller which allows the seat to be swapped to a bassinet. Although it is foldable, it doesn’t not miss out on padding and other security features. It is not that lightweight and weights about 10 Kg.

Car Capsule/Seat

There are travel systems out there that allow you to swap its seat with a car seat instead of a bassinet.

What I can gather from the forum discussions and blog articles is that it not healthy for the child to be in a car seat for more than 1.5 hours. I am not too sure how true this is, but I can understand that it will be quite tight and uncomfortable when in use for a long period. Especially for toddlers as they need to be laid down. It’s not as free and flexible as a bassinet. An interesting read about Are Car Seat Travel Systems Bar for Baby.

Ideal features

A travel system with the following features that doesn’t break the bank would be ideal.

  • Can swap the seat to a bassinet
  • Retractable canopy with a viewing window
  • Reclining seat
  • Child should be bale to lean back as well as fully sit up
  • Can be switched to forward or rearward facing
  • Compact when folded
  • Single-motion folding
  • Has a storage area for baby items & handbag
  • All wheels with suspension
  • A water bottle holder
  • Can be fitted with a buggy board
    its a skate board attached to the push chair when your child is too tired to walk and doesn’t want to sit down
  • Single foot brake
The Redsbaby travel system is one with bassinet that has most of the features listed above for $600 AUD.

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